I wish a happy Monday to everyone!

Pentel Tradio is a pen from Pentel which is referred as a fountain pen although its felt tip. This pen has a unique nib type, which allows you to create thinner or thicker lines with soft and hard edges.
It comes with 7 different barrel types but when I bought it my only option was blue and bronze so I choosed bronze one. Material of the body is quite satisfaying. You don’t get the feel about cracking the pen as you may feel in Preppy’s.
Tradio has a transparent grip section and a little window to indicate the nib (or tip) on the cap. Pentel has also a traditional fountain pen with same body, so it helps you to choose the right pen.
When you unscrew the body, you can see the ink barrel. So when the ink has finished you can refill the pen with buying the inner section including the nib. Refills are also available in different colors such as black, blue and red.
As told, lines can be variated by rolling the pen clockwise or anti-clockwise.
+ It is a wet pen (which resembles a fountain pen) and can be a substitute for a fountain pen when for example you have a plane trip and you don’t want to take any risk of leakage.
+ It provides line variation
+ It is cheap (about 10 USD)
+ Refillable (3-4 USD)
+ Lightweight and convenient
+ Solid body material
– Tip has a strong smell (like a barn)
– It is not a fountain pen 🙂