Hi All,
As you might remember we had reviewed Peter Pauper Press 16 months agenda before. This time, we have a Peter Pauper notebook with a great cover. And first things first I would like to thank Mr. KGK gifting me this notebook for a review in the blog.
Like PaperBlank Notebooks, Peter Pauper Press has special covers with the explanations on the back. This notebook referred as Blue Medallion is a re-make of a holy Quran found in Madrid Library.
Best thing about Peter Pauper Press notebooks, it can lay fully flat on the table. Therefore, you don’t need to keep your notebook tamed while trying to write. Another example of this kind of notebooks is Flexbook which will be on the blog soon. By the way, lines of ruled notebooks of Peter Pauper Press is that they are ghost lines. This lines which are not exaggerated puts your handwriting in a line and keep it neat while it does not disturb your eyes.
I tried this notebook with Sheaffer Touchdown, Lamy Safari, Hero 395 and Soennecken S19. I just realized I used too many blue shades. And the good thing, Peter Pauper Press notebooks has a good performance on the back page. Not bad, not bad.
Maybe the online downside about this notebook (apart from an un-ruled verison of course) is the price. However, when compared to Moleskine it might be cheaper.
What is your favorite notebook so far?
Zeynep Medallion