In the big hearts of fountain pen enthusiasts, there is possibly a room for old cart postals, stamps and foreign countries. A foreign country means a new culture to see, a new flea market to discover and new stationery shops to see. Is it always for shopping? Absolutely no! Apart from touching, even seeing is enough for us, who are in love with pens. We do not need to posses them.

Today’s notebook is beaming up to far far away via old stamps, The Container notebook which is distributed by Deffter. And the design belongs to Ms. Reyhan Karacadag, please let us mention here.

And today’s fountain pen is Montblanc 344, nearly same age of my parents. I am not allowed to write it down so that I am not going to reveal their ages. Burgundy <3 Even though mine has a bit weary nib, who else is not!

Have a great week!