This is the only fountain pen I got from my America trip. Pilot Lady White. And right after my order, it was out of stock. This pen reminds me of Parket Sonnet. It comes in a big card box with a single pen holder white case.
The body is made out of metal with milky brown lacquer covered and trimming is golden. There were two options to buy, Sakura Cherry Blossom and Momiji Maple and I went for Maple. Sakura has more pinky body.
Pen has a 14K gold ring type nib. I wanted to make a change so I choose Fine nib this time.
Feed of pen is not going through grip section like in most of the pens. There is another step added there. I think it looks nice but there is something bugging my eye which is the white ring between the golden trim at the end of the grip section and feed.
I inked it right out of the box and this fine is one of the best I have used so far. Also not that it is more like an extra-fine. Of course “the best” fine nib I used so far is Platinum Izumo. However if you consider that this pen is 180 USD and the latter is 800 USD, I think this is a great price/performance ratio.
What do you think about “Lady” fountain pens?
Zeynep Giltypen