One of the main problems of fountain pen lovers is; inking too many fountain pens at the same time and eventually getting ink dried inside the pens. Since I have learned that Platinum Plaisir prevent ink from drying with its special cap mechanism up to a year, I wanted to get a Plaisir.
Plaisir is generally compared with Platinum Preppy due to the resemblance of their nibs. However, among two of them, nothing is common except their nibs. Because, in response for Preppy’s plastic and crackable body, Plaisir has an anodized aluminium body. Anodizing is, a special coating which covers the light metals, especially aluminum in order to foster the durability.  Therefore, Plaisir’s body is referred as anodized-aluminium, silky, scratch resistant. Plaisirs’ are comes as, black, blue, gold, green, pink, red and violet and nib of pens is matching with the body color.
As a general feature of Platinum pens, it only complies with Platinum cartridges or converters. And unfortunately, they are not commonly found in Turkey like Pelikan or Lamy. However, if you get it once, (besides, pen comes with a cartridge inside) you can use it several times, filling it with a syringe. Personally, I use other cartridges like this either.
Technical features of the pen is like above. Frankly, I did like Platinum Plaisir so much. In order to make a record here, the price is 40 TL (20 EUR) and it can be bought from Sirkeci Yeni Zaman Stationery Shop and could be an alternative for Lamy.