Hi All,

This week’s ink is Morinda from Röhrer&Klingner a brand somehow I use a lot but forget to mention in the blog. Even though it may seems like a red, it is actually a very deep dark orange. In Fountain Pen Network ink review list it appears as Morinda (orange) and Fernambuk (red) while actually fernambuk is a pink. Yes really 🙂 You can understand why Morinda seems like a red from the photos. It has a great saturation. And as in most of the red/orange inks, it has a bit feathering in wet nibs, especially on copy paper.

Although our ink has not high water-resistance, it is not completely washed away from the paper when met with water.
And in this photo, you can see the comparison betwen Röhrer&Klingner Morinda along with Diamine Shimmering Ink Brandy Dazzle. Except from the golden sheen of Brandy Dazzle, those two inks are quite similar.
 Rohrer Klingner inks do not have a widespread distribution network in Turkey. However, you can buy it from Yeni Zaman Store in Sirkeci or from gittigidiyor for 35 TRY which is approximately equal of the regular price. What is your favorite R&K ink?
Zeynep Coloring