Rotring Renaissance piston filler is the landslide winner of our “Which Rotring to review first” pool. I am still surprised that Core didn’t even get a vote. Yet, I am in no position to question the wisdom of the reader 🙂 Rotring Renaissance is one of the fountain pens which was offered widely in Turkey in previous years and then disappeared like every other Rotring fountain pens.
There is a red ring on the top jewel which matches with the red ring on the piston knob.
The pen is branded only on the clips as an egraving. Clips is tight and even though I don’t use, I can say it fully functions.
Sorry for the messy nib photo. Since I have a Double Broad, there is two breather hole in order to keep constant ink flow to the feed and nib. I think this two breather hole, makes it very cute. But don’t be mistaken by BB size. It is not a broad nib like Kaweco, it is more like an italic nib like Pilot 78G.

I used my latest favorite ink Parker Quink Blue-Black while inking it. Even though it is on a bit drier side to my taste, I will work on it soon. The italic writing of the pen is nice and it doesn’t skip or scratch.


Even though it is not on my daily routine, I liked this pen. Did you like it?
Zeynep Redring