Today, I am here with a quite different pen. Rotring Rollkuli or Roll Kuli which can be deemed as the ancestor of the modern ballpoint pens.

Rotring Rollkuli is a full size pen. This pen has been launched afther the Rotring Tintenkuli’s needle point pens, and became a successor for the ink ballpoints that we use today.

This pen is a piston filler. You could ink your pen removing the blind cap right on top of the red ring which is the distinctive sign of Rotring pens.

Although it is hard to see from the photos, there is a dark green ink window which will let you see the ink level through. (Which is a must for me)

As you can see, Rollkuli has a very interesting nib. Although there are Rollkuli’s which have a clear tip, they are quite rare. In generally, it is a smooth pen with good flow. I really liked the nib.

By the way, I am adding this particular photo in order to show you how to hold it.

I am sending my love and some unicorns to dear Lady Red Majorette for  letting me reviewing her pen.