Hi All,
I am here with a perfect match of these grey skies, Sailor Jentle Blue Black. When Sailor Jentle Ink has been a great success, Sailor started new series and changed the old names confusing us. However some of the inks in the series has been a success like, Epinard, Grenade and Blue Black.
Sailor Jentle Blue Black is a greyish blue black. It has nice shading over. This is a sample of writing on Fabriano Traccia Paper with brush.
In this one you can see the companionship with legendary Pilot MYU and Sailor Jentle Blue Black. Isn’t it great? By the way, this MYU is a medium but not a usual Japanese medium nib and I don’t know why.
 Sailor Jentle Blue Black is not great with water but is not completely washed away as well.
Who loves Sailor Jentle Blue Black? Ones who like greyish blue blacks rather than bluish, and who likes colors that are hard to describe. Who doesn’t like it? You wouldn’t like it if you don’t like bleach smell in your inks or if you are looking a waterproof blue black to use in your official documents.
What is your favorite Sailor ink by the way?
Zeynep Graysky