Cheers from the last day of the week;
This week I can finally show full range of Sailor Jentle Inks. I know, Sailor launched new series of inks but those inks are mostly preserved at the new series and besides they still can be found within the old bottles. Even though it does not appear often in blog, Sailor inks are my favorite. Let’s see them separately:
Sky-High: It is one of the closest colors to Iroshizuku’s popular ink Kon-Peki. The only problem to tell might be that it is hard to flush.
Epinard: This is a true spinach color and one of my favorite greens. I love it especially on ivory papers.
Grenade; This pomegranate color is a great burgundy with gorgeous green sheen. You should definitely try it.
Ultramarine; There is a big hassle to name this ink. Is it a shade of blue or purple. Used to be an office ink for me, I don’t care whether you call it blue or purple but it is a great color.
Blue: Sailor Blue is one of the most serious shade of blue with its brother Blue-Black. Very suitable for office use.
Blue-Black; If you say “I like my blue-black in in greyish tones” that’s your cup of tea.
Black: It is plain black. It is nice, but it might be the least used of my Sailor inks.
Peche: A very subtle tone of pink which you should use within very wet pens. It might be the second least used after black.
Apricot: A very vivid tone of orange. If you are drooling for Noodler’s oranges but cannot get one, then you should get an apricot instead.
Also adding a photograph since scanners are tempering with the colors. By the way, I am hitting the road again for Greece on Monday. Post and comments might get a bit slow since I will be out of town.
Lots of love everyone!
Zeynep the Athena