Hi all after a long struggle with illness! While I am coming back, I want to post about the most desired inks of 2014. I guess one of the perks having a small group of fountain pen enthusiast in Istanbul is to reach new inks. So I hosted Fatih’s ink Sailor Jentle Yama-Dori for a while and of course I had to share with you.
In order to show the color, I tried it with a broad and fine nib. The writing sample above was written with Platinum Century 3776 Music nib and the one below is written with Reform fountain pen which has a slight flex.
There are two main features in this ink. First, it is hell of a shadowing ink. You can see the wave of the color on the paper. A great catch for shading-lovers.

And the other feature is it sheens a lot. I had to temper with the colors of the photo a bit, but I can assure you, with broad or wet nibs it has great sheen.

Whenever I used this ink, even people with no interest in fountain pens or writing asked what is it and complimented on the color. Yama-Dori is such an attracting color.

I think there are two cons about this ink. First, it is not widely available. (Especially in Turkey) And second, it is a bit hard to clean this ink. But apart from these, it is a great ink with unique color, sheen and shadow. I think, you should get one, if you can find.

What do you think?


Zeynep Yamadori