As far as I remember, Sailor Pro Gear Slim Black was the first fountain pen I have got from Sailor. While buying this pen years ago, Sailor haven’t had those eye candy pens yet which is going to conquer our hearts…

I remember my joy, choosing this pen among the available Sailor’s at that time and going back home. However, when Sailor started making colorful pens for the last couple of years, this pen became idle in my pen case with the classic black body.

Sailor nibs are also very controversial, it is a total love or hate situation. Even though it is not scratchy, it is quite rigid. My pen has H-M nib and H means hard. It means that, there is no flexibility in those nibs.
However, that does not mean that this pen writes scratchy. It is just not a flex pen, not even a soft. My nib writes quite smooth and wet.
Sailor Pro Gear Slim Black is a classic pen with screw cap and black resin body. The only downside, it uses it is own cartridges or converters. Therefore, do not ever lost your converter. You should be looking this pen if you are looking for a classical pen.
Zeynep Seamaster