Today we have one of the petite but skillful fountain pens of the fountain pen world. It is a Japanese Sailor Sapporo Mini. And it has a great nib I have to say. Besides, it has a great shiny yello that we are not used to see in fountain pens.
As indicated in the name Sapporo Mini is a mini fountain pen. Therefore, it is a must to post the cap on top. In order to solve this up, Sailor put threads on the body top. So you could screw the cap on to the body and it won’t be shaken while you are using it. Do you remember which fountain pen we have the same system? You are absolutely right if you said Kaweco Liliput.
Sailor Sapporo Mini I used, has a Zoom nib with a giant nib tip. And from this giant tip you can have line width in different sizes.
I used this pen with Röhrer&Klingner Alt-Goldgrün. It was a problem free match. Then I inked it with Pilot Iroshizuku Tsuki-Yo and it was also a good pairing. Zoom nib has this feature of giving thinner lines as you hold it up in a steeper angle. As I use it in my normal pen holding type, it has a pretty thick line.
It is quite short compared to Lamy Al-Star when cap closed.
However, when you screw the cap it is about 14 cm and which is pretty comfortable for long writing sessions. The price of the pen is among 190-160 USD. Unfortunately due to the size, you have to use it only with Sailor cartridges. If you want to use a converter, you should take a Sailor converter and then you should be shortening it. I am really thankful to Fatih, who gave me this pen for a review and never asked back 🙂
What do you think about mini fountain pens?
Zeynep Minipen