Hi All,
Do you have dreams? I have many! And one of them I am dreaming about right before I go to bed is that all children in my country learns writing with a fountain pen instead of pencils. They are way to dry to write in cursive. And this pen is designed for the countries in which children learn writing with a fountain pen and this is one of the first pens they probably have. Schneider Base Kid+ It is called base, because it is kind of a first pen, it is Kid because it meant for kids and it is + because it has two bodies. Let’s see.
This pen has a great cap. It has a top just like a gnome hat and a little hole so that children can carry this pen with a rope or chain. (When I was a kid we used to carry our erasers like that)
As you can see, the pen works with European cartridges. And the body material is clear so that children can see how much ink left. And in the photo below, you can see the long body.
And in this one, it has the short pen body so that little kids can use the pen with the short body in case their tiny hands are so small for the long one.
There is a steel nib engraved with Schneider logo. Nib size is A which comes from Anfänger (Beginner) in German. A nibs are generally coming with a generous spherical tipping and it can write fine in any angle. Besides they tend to be wetter.
This pen has a smooth writing. With a grip section leading kids to correct holding position, with two bodies as an option and having a great nib, this pen is perfect. The price range is around 10 Euro (in Turkish Liras) so I think, if you want a kid to love fountain pens, this is an affordable price.
Here you can find another fountain pen (Dutch made) for children. (Please follow the link)
What do you do to make children meet and love fountain pens?
Zeynep Minipen