Hello All,
Ta-taaaam! Do you need a pen that nobody put their hands on, and you can still leave it on your dest? Here you are! This is the right place. This pen is not an eye-candy but it will not let you down. Ever!!! And it has a sidekick: Ink Roller.
On the left, you can see Schneider Race Gear fountain pen. It is orange accented with an orange silicon grip and a simple plain steel nib. On the right side we have Schneider Ink Roller with green accents and green silicone grip. Grip sections of those pens are slightly triangular so that it gives you a better grip action. But still you can grip it as you want since the grip section is quite soft.
Body of the pens are quite good but the design looks like a bit disposable pens. In the design matter, although I am not totally satisfied, Stabilo beyou seems better. I have to admit. I think, plainer designs are more pleasing to the eye. However the material is quite nice. You don’t need to worry about any cracks. Of course, don’t throw or step on it.
Both pens, fountain pen and ink roller works with European type standard cartridges. You can also use converters or tall standard cartridges as well.
There is no branding or size marking on the nib of Schneider Race Gear Fountain pen. There is just a plain ornament on the nib. Judging from the writing we can say it is a medium.
Fountain pen writes quite wet and smooth. And roller is a roller! Yeah 🙂 At least you can use the cartridge you want.
Zeynep Steelnib