Unfolding the Scrikss file, our second pen is Scrikss 85. Actually, this is what I think. Unfortunately, there is no inventory or record to check model information. Moreover, unlike Vintage 17, this pen is not filed on Scrikss’ website. As seen, it is quite regular, unattractive, plain ol’ fountain pen. Yet, the nib is different from the regular nibs and distinctive.
 Scrikss 85 has a half-inlaid, half-hooded nib type. (I would be glad if you have a description for this type of nib) And it has a M nib, since it is younger than his elder sisters Vintage 17 and 71 (I don’t know why I referred 17 and 71 as a female!) (You know, generally old fountain pens have EF or F nibs)
 Technically, Metal capped Scrikss 85 is 17.6 gr with cap and 9.5 without cap. Plastic capped one is 13.6 gr with cap and 9.6 without. There is a 0.1 gr difference between the pens which has the same body. (I don’t know why) Length is 13.8 cm when cap closed, 16 cm when cap posted on the top and 12.8 its only body length. Ink filling mechanism is a well disguised piston.
Overall, it is a lightweighted, smooth nib pen. Again, the problem is unfitting cap and easily cracking. Cracking might not seem a real problem when Scrikss’ life time guarantee is considered. However, cap is easily opened while carrying in the bag, or in a pen pouch. Ink gets dry and smears everywhere 🙁 Even though it is not on the market now, with a reasonable price, it is a good pen to have in condition to use at a desk and not carrying around.EDIT: As we have been informed by Scrikss, names of these models are No: 85 for plastic cap and No:75 for metal cap.  Those pens had been produced among 70’s and 90’s. And the reason for that interesting half-inlaid nib, is a requirement of Turkish State Supply Office.