My post today is devoted to whom asks “I would like to start using fountain pens, can you recommend something with a proper price?” or “I want to buy an italic nib, should I start with 1.1 or 1.5?” Here you are: Scrikss Calligraphy Set. I saw it while making a regular tour at Sirkeci. The set includes, one Scrikss 33 fountain pen body (there were some other color options, I picked up white) a Medium nib, a 1.1, a 1.5 and a 2.3 which I refer as monster nib. And also 5 small European cartridges and a converter!
Scrikss 33 is a very light-weighted pen with plastic body and a click on cap. I inked it with Diamine Teal using the converter comes within and tried the nibs. Medium and 1.1 italic is quite nice for daily use. You can even prefer 1.5 if your handwriting is a bit big in size. 2.3 is also very convenient for making letter heads, writing on the envelopes or practicing calligraphy.
Since every nib comes within its own feed, the ink flow is really nice. I inked them right out of the box, without giving flush but they all wrote properly. There was a little spoiler regarding the price of this set on the photo but let me tell you, it is 32 TL which is approximately 15 USD. I think it is very nice to start using fountain pens or calligraphy. You can see what kind of nibs you like without breaking the bank. Besides since the pen is quite light-weighted it is an ideal gift for a kid whom you wanted to introduce with fountain pens. You can teach installing a cartridge, inking a pen with converter, changing the nibs and taste of writing with fountain pens.
What do you think about this set?
Zeynep Penthusiast