When Scrikss launched Heritage Line for their 50th year anniversary I was a bit cold. For me the pens were a bit macho, big and dark. I was hearing good comments from my friends who are using them but I always kept in mind that those were friends with big hands 🙂
Then I had my hands on this beauty. Scrikss who started our crying voice (as you already know, they will be producing legendary Scrikss 419 soon) produced this pen in this pearl white. And at a glance that pen I was whining about has gone and this statue of grace appeared.
Scrikss Heritage is a pen with details. The tone of white has been chosen elegantly. Normally I do not like golden trimmings on black pens, but it appears great on the pearl white body. There is a Scrikss logo engraved on the top of the cap. It is a screw cap and it takes a little bit long to remove it 🙂
Scrikss Heritage works with standart cartridges or converters. The nib size is in a ratio with the body of the pen. There are two options of nib, medium and broad. However in most of the shops only medium is offered. If you contact with the company, you can change it to a Broad.
I used this pen with Montblanc Miles Davis. The nib is quite smooth and it gives a pleasure. If you are not writing in long sessions, I don’t think you will mind the weight. To put in a nutshell, I liked this pen.
Did you like it?
Zeynep Whitepen