Sheaffer Imperial II Deluxe Touchdown
Hi All,
This week, I would like salute you with a pen from past times. I think I have certain love for vintage pens. Imagine, this pen you hold nearly 60 years old and I cannot exactly imagine in which pockets or bags it was carried, in which drawers it was forgotten… And now I have this great Sheaffer Imperial II Deluxe Touchdown. Let’s have a look.
Sheaffer Triump Steel Nib
Sheaffer Imperial is a pen serie launched around 60’s. This line has different bodies, nibs and filling systems. This is a short, conic nib called as triumph by Sheaffer. And it is the steel version.
Sheaffer Touchdown Filling System
As I said before, this model is called Imperial II Deluxe Touchdown. The name “touchdown” comes from Sheaffer’s filling system called touchdown. It is a pneumatic ink sac compression system. In order to fill this pen, you unscrew the know, pull it up, immerse in the ink and then push it down. When you screw the knob again, you are good to go.
Sheaffer Imperial II Deluxe Fountain Pen
Sheaffer Imperial II Deluxe Touchdown has a nice smooth nib. It definitely provides you a writing pleasure. This smooth steel nib is a bit on the wet side. I like it a lot.
Sheaffer Triumph Steel Nib
What do you think about vintage pens?
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