Samuel Noah Kramer says, History Begins at Sumer. Although there are several disputes on the matter, it is a fact that the Fertile Crescent was a cradle for the civilization bearer humans. But what is that to do with us? Because Signum honored this civilization with its cuneiform fountain pens.

If you also bored with the plain, black fountain pens lack of any story to tell you, look for a Signum Sumer fountain pen. Because this pen reminds you someting; Cuneiform. Although this writing style fade out with the invention of papyrus, we can still cherish it in our hearts and pens.

Signum’s symbol is an eight spoke wheel which is also known as Dharmachakra in Buddhist symbolism. This wheel represents Dharma, a circle which contains our souls while the 8 spoke represents the Noble Eightfold Way of Buddha’s enlightenment.

This Italian made fountain pen has a resin screw cap and a filling system using the standard cartridges or converters. Cap and body fits perfectly so that there is no bump in the body when you close the cap. I belive, it looks quite smart.

Signum Nova comes with a steel nib. On the nib, you can again see the 8 spoke wheel and the brand name engraved. I think this is a nice, unique design being simple at the same time.

Signum has this Sumer fountain pen with cuneiform writing and orange resin cap in some models. For example you can also buy this pen in Nova or Solare models which has different cap and body style but again with Sumer writing.

Signum Nova Sumer has a smooth nib but if you hold your pen a bit on the high side, then the threads may disturb you. If you have no problem with that, this pen might remind you the writing journey of the humankind as you use it around.


Zeynep Ancientpen