This week, I was reading so many books at once so those are the only ones I finished. One is Hallac (Mansur Al-Hallaj) from Annemarie Schimmel and the other is The Matisse Stories from A S ByattAnnemarie Schimmel is a lady whom I respect so much. She spent her life writing on Sufism. I read her books again and again. Recently I was chatting with a friend. He said, when compared the number of books written, life is way too short to read same book twice. But for me, if we do not have an urge or tendency to read a book for the second time, and it is a waste of time. I always say, some books worth life-time! (You can click the underlined words to see wikipedia references)
 I attended a Ramadan tour which a friend of mine organized. It started with breaking of the fast in Sultanahmet and ended until dawn where people start fasting. I carried my Faber-Castell notebook and my Pilot 78G fountain pens. And the small sac was a gift reminding old Ottoman customs. People used to give gifts to people to thank who attended the fast breaking meals. And my friend prepared those little sacs to thank us. Isn’t it nice?
 I listened that CD whole week and probably I will be listening it next week and the week after that!
This week I didn’t write any letters yet, I wrote some thank you notes.
How was your week?
Zeynep Penthusiast