This week I read a book about spiritualism in Turkey. As you may already know, I am into the subjects like esoteric teaching, hermetic knowledge and occult. Of course spiritualism can be seen as the sister topic of those above. But is interesting to see how many people was interested in those issues in 60’s and 70’s in Turkey.
I spend all my weekend (two full days) in Honda Safety Training 2, a motorcycle training program. Riding a motorbike is something that requires a life-long learning process. It is not possible to learn all, it is not possible to be safe without continuously learning. I really understand that when I found myself lying on the ground yesterday while thinking I was making a perfect cornering 🙂
I also enjoyed those pens above and as a spoiler I am adding this photo. Lets see what is waiting us in the blog…
How was your week?
Zeynep Noobrider