The first Sunday Post of the new year will be a bit long, hope you don’t mind it. I live like this for a while, listening/watching from computer and having my medicines and crackers along. I hope my cough will come to an end.
Even though it is cold, motorcycle is the best medicine for my cough. But since it is rainy here I have to settle with some dirt and mud.
But I am enough of this little surprises 🙂
You know, normally I don’t share food photographs at my blog or instagram account. However, I think I can make an exception for this menemen (kind of omelette made of green peppers, tomato, cheese and egg)  which I went to Silivri (75 km)
Since I went that far, I dropped by a nearby city and got those Pelikan’s for 5 TL each (1,5 EUR)
And the book I finally finished is a dictionary about jewelry and mining terminology.
 This is how it was for the first week of new years. How was yours?
Zeynep Penthusiast