Hi Everyone,
It was such a great week that I am posting Sunday post actually in Sunday. Just kidding! It was great because we celebrated the 5th year of the blog with our friends from Samsun, Ankara, Kayseri and of course Istanbul. Unfortunately, we have some people missing in the photo who either had to leave a bit early or just after we took the photo. Hope they will forgive us for that. And I would like to thank all, who has been together with me in this journey.
Another beauty of this week was that, I have sat on this table and wrote something in this big notebook. Thank you life!
And those friends are with us from now on. Especially I have been a huge fan of Rose Espiegle. (Actually it really looks like a lipstick of Loreal. You might be surprised on the review)
How was your week?
Zeynep Gracepen