When I graduated from primary school, my father thought that, boarding school is necessary for a child to grow his/her character. So I went to a boarding school for high school. If you ever been to a boarding school, you will understand and estimate the strong bonds between people who went to the same school, same dorm and who shared a room. Ayse is a true friend of mine whom I shared my room in high school, got married in Amsterdam this weekend. So I went there to be a witness of that joyful moment of her life. And I wish her happy and prosper life with her husband. And okay, when I went there I tried to find some stationery, especially some fountain pens, but I all can get in a very limited time was those notebooks and stuff. I got really disappointed about Amsterdam’s lack of stationery shops. Famous ink maker and stationery P.W. Akkerman shot its shop down in Kalverstraat in Amsterdam, so it was sad.
What I got? Two very “girlish” Paperchase notebooks. (One with pink lines on white paper) One Paperchase Spectrascope colorful notebook in which you can tear the papers and use them as notepapers or letters. Two Hermitage Amsterdam notebooks. (One for a giveaway!) One Paperchase Smooth Leather Journal (taupe one) Indeed I have great expectations upon that notebook, since the weight of the paper is 145 gsm! One Kimmidoll Mini Journal and one Penguin Nineteen Eighty-Four notebook. (Hands up, if you like George Orwell) A card and envelope set of Paperchase, a cheap fountain pen of Paperchase (again!) some Twinings Tea (I love tea), a Cerruti 1881 perfume (Jasmine as heart note, freesia as top note and sandalwood as base note), Nippon Kodo incenses (imho) the best incense in the world, Skat cards for a friend and some food I didn’t include in the photo. Hope I will make the reviews of the notebooks soon. Actually cannot be very soon, since I will be taking annual leave next week.What do you buy when you are travelling?