I didn’t seek for stationery stores in Budapes but I tried to visit every store.
I have came across and photographed them for you. Pirex Papir was the first one.
They offer various products of Waterman, Lamy and Parker. Of course all of them are new.
I am not aware of actual prices of Waterman and Paker but, Lamy Safari was 50 TL which was cheaper from Turkish price.
Ceruza Megapapir is also a stationery store but a bit different from what we have. They don’t offer pens but only paper products such as notebooks, postcards, posters and calenders. And they have great designs…
Inside the shop is like an amusement park for stationery aficionado. However prices are bit high. For example, big notebooks are around 30 Euro. Did I mention that they really have great designs? 🙂
Those photos are above from the Budapest History Museum. Although the handwritten manuscripts are not in the museum (they are generally in Italian Museums) they have very good replicas and also an electronic database is available.
This is one of the branches of Alexandra Chain Book Store. On top the books, there is a saloon where you can have a lovely cup of tea and coffee along with a slice of cake. You can search as “Bookcafe Lotz Hall” if you want to visit this place. Besides I need to tell this, there are a lot of bookstores in Budapest. However, they only offer books. A few of them has one or two pieces of pens and notebooks but that’s all. Nevertheless, they are nice and full of books.
That’s all I got from Budapest (There is only a missing notebook in the photo) In total, I got 3-4 pieces of notebooks, 3 fountain pens, 6 Stabilo pencils and two pieces of silver jewelry I got from flea market. However, there were no fountain pens in the market though 🙁
I loved Budapest, maybe I can visit there again in summer.
What is your favorite European city?
Zeynep the Traveller