What do you think about TWSBI’s policy of launching new pens into the market and updating the ones already launched? For me it is superb! Because I was in love with Vac 700 while it is too big for my hands. Vac mini grants me the opportunity to have a mini pen with great ink capacity.

Vac Mini comes in classic white plain box of TWSBI pens. The box contains gadgets to disassemble the pen and a mini silicon gres.  For me I never ever disassemble a TWSBI of mine. I didn’t need it at all…

Vac Mini is really a tiny pen however you could easily forget this with its 2 ml ink capacity. Especially when considering a standard converter only holds 0.75 ml of ink, 2 ml will be enough for a really long time.


TWSBI Vac Mini is a pretty pen. I like seeing the inks through. My version of this pen is called Smoke. The grip section and the piston knob is a transparent black in this pen. In the clear version these parts are all crystal clear. And if you are not happy with the size, you can screw the cap on top.   

My pen has a Fine nib. It is quite suitable for daily use. With high ink capacity and clear body allowing you to see through how much ink left so that you will never left out of ink in a sudden, TWSBI Vac Mini becomes a great daily pen. Tuck it in your pocket and go out!

And how does it write? This fine nib is one of the best fine nibs I have tried recently. Especially they became a great pair with Pelikan Edelstein Jade so that I had hard times returning it to Mr. KGK.

What is your mini-giant pens?


Zeynep Minipen