Do you underline the sentences while you are reading? Do you take notes to the margins? I wouldn’t, thinking that this would harm to a book. Until several years later I found a note taken by chance. Therefore, I underline the sentences, taking notes. For instance, I underlined this book which I read some years before with this very ink and fountain pen.
However, when it comes to detail paper (does it called that way?) the situation changes. Fountain pen ink feathers, bleeds and if you try using a ballpoint it scars the paper and leave a trace at the back of the paper.
Therefore, I use Staedtler Textsurfer gel pen to underline without damaging detail paper even though it does not help taking notes. With the help of this, there is no bleeding at the back page. Although I preferred the pink one, it is also available in orange and yellow. Besides, it doesn’t smudge fountain pen ink writing like other highlighter pens using liquid ink.
What do you think about this pen?
Zeynep Underlined
PS for fanciers:
1st book Joseph Campbelll / Bill Moyers Power of Myth
2nd book Holy book of Hinduism and my personal favorite holy book Bhagavad Gita