Hi All,
This week’s pen brand is Wancher. Wancher is house brand of Engeika, a well known Asian pen retailer. And they produce very nice inks and pens. Wancher Double Crystal is one of them.
Our pen comes within this nice wooden box with a cartridge converter and a pipette to use pen as an eyedropper. I, personally prefer either piston filling or an eyedropper pen with such transparent bodies. Therefore, I took out the converter and inked the pen with the pipette.
Since the color of my pen is called Sapphire, I used Montblanc Miles Davis ink with it. Isn’t that beautiful?
Wancher Double Compact Crystal comes with an unbranded, steel F nib. It writes without any hassle right out of the box. I did not urge to rinse it down or align the nib.
This out of box writing pen is a bit on the dry side. However, if you use wetter inks with it, or use your pen with a slight pressure for a page or so, you will come over it. Besides, let’s not skip this, it is quite smooth.
The only thing I did not like about his pen is something very visual. While grip section, cap top and body top is blue, the cap itself is black. I wish the cap also had the sapphire blue as rest of the pen. You can get this pen from Engeika for USD 75. If you would like a pen to use as an eye-dropper without any preparations and problem-free, you should consider Wancher Double Crystal.
Zeynep Bluepen