Today’s pen is Waterman Audace. Since I had those photos when it was brighter, it gives me joy. Audace is a French word means bold which comes from Latin. You can remember it from “Audaces fortuna iuvat” which means “Fortune favors the bold”. Waterman Audace is one of the bold designs in masculine fountain pen world. Let’s have a look at its design and magnetic cover.
Waterman Audace has many body designs. Every design has a different name. Mine has blue flower pattern and it is referred as City of Style. Common point that every design has the grip section and the chrome band over the grip section where the Waterman brand was engraved. Those waves reminds me of waves on the new Waterman ink bottles. The cap is a bit smaller and a click type. The silky navy blue color is well-matched with the body.

Waterman Audace has a Medium steel nib. As a typical Waterman nib, it is smooth. However mine had a bit baby-bottom but thanks to Sükret we managed to fix it. It is also practical since you can use it with converter and cartridges.

I got this pen via a friend of mine from the warehouse of a stationery store in Ankara. However it is not produced anymore. It can be found online on e-bay between 60-120 USD. If you also bored with black, plain fountian pens I think Waterman Audace is a good alternative. Especially it would make a great gift for a lady.
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Zeynep Penthusiast