Do you remember Waterman Le Man 100 review? Here the briarwood version of the same pen. Briarwood is generally used making tobacco pipes since it has a great stamina. I guess this is the main reason why Waterman choose this material to make a fountain pen body.
As there is no main difference except the body material, the decoration on the nibs are quite different. The nib on the top belongs to Le Man 100 classic while the one below is Le Man 100 briarwood. Unfortunately I forgot to take photograph of the writing samples of those nibs, I can say there is no difference in writing quality among those two nibs. As I mentioned before Le Man 100 generally offered for 500+ USD but I didn’t came across with the briarwood version of the same pen. Therefore, I guess it will be more than 500 USD for this body type.
Zeynep Briarwood