Hello All,

2016 was not a very good year for my country.  I could only say “meeh,  not bad” for my personal life. So, dear 2017, please be aware I have high expectation from you! But let’s see what happened in blog.

We are over 1200 followers now, and our hit is over 2 million by now. I am not writing to my journal, I am writing in a social media, that’s why it is true that I am happy when my posts are read. Let’s see what is read the most in the blog:

For fountain pens:
1- Lamy Charged Green
2- Lovely Pilot M90 who is not with us anymore
3- Great TWSBI Eco review by Şüko
4- Pilot Vortex
5- Kaweco Art Sport

For inks, you loved:
1- Emerald of Chivor is top read post (Yep, I still didn’t write Carroube de Chypre)
2- Kaweco Ruby Red
3- Picasso Blue
4- Louis Vuitton Vert Optimiste
5- J. Herbin Vert Pre the most!About notebooks you liked:
1- Clairefontaine Roadbook
2- Scrikss Notelook Retro Camera
3- Paperchase
4- And lastly Legami‘s this lovely notebook

Let’s see what we are going to read in 2017?


Zeynep Penthusiast

PS: This is the 600th post of this very blog!