While I was organizing my ink cabinet, I realized that I have a huge collection of J. Herbin inks and I thought I’d better review some other colors. Here are the ones I have reviewed before.

Rose Cyclamen
Bouton D’or
Lie de Thé
1670 Rouge Hematite
Vert Empire

And this is the list of un-reviewed J. Herbin inks of mine. Which one do you like to see first?

Vert Olive
Gris Nuage
Poussiere de Lune
Cacao du Bresil
Eclat de Saphir
Blue Myotosis
Vert Pre
Violette Pensée
Larmes de Cassis
Blue Azur
1670 Bleu Ocean


I wish you a great colorful day!

Zeynep Herbinson