Pen of the week is Wing Sung 659! Wing Sung is a Chinese fountain pen brand whose history goes back for many years. Recently, like other brands following Jinhao’s approach, Wing Sung quit Parker 51 a-like hooded nib, squeeze type converters and made a fountain pen wearing the trade dress of well-known Pilot 78G. However, main difference of Wing Sung fountain pen compared to Pilot 78G is that, Wing Sung 659 has two nib units within the same box. While the first nib unit bearing the body color, the second one comes with a transparent feed and grip section.
Pilot 78G vs Wing Sun 659
As you can see from the photos, Pilot 78G and Wing Sung 659 seems like twin sisters. Dimensions, body types and even the clips are incredibly similar.
Even the nib types are similar. Considering that Wing Sung generally uses hooded nibs, we can say Wing Sung 659 is a revolutionary product for the company. While Pilot 78G has “Pilot Super Quality Japan”, Wing Sung has “Wings Super Quality” markings on the nib.
Wing Sung 659 comes with a converter similar to Pilot con-50 converters instead of squeeze type converter which takes a life-time to clean and holds minimum ink. Therefore, both cleaning the pen and storing ink becomes easier.
Grip section and feed is disassembled easily which helps you to clean thee pen and hacking the feed to give it a better flow in case you need it.
Because you really would like a hack when using this pen. For example, I used an ink famous for its wet flow, Private Reserve and still I had a dry writing experience. Therefore, I am planning to deepen the ink channel on the feed using a razor blade knife with utmost attention.
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Zeynep Chinaware